CellSound University is an innovative educational platform designed to support clinics that utilize our cutting-edge technology. Our advanced equipment is designed to provide powerful treatments that deliver maximum benefit to patients, and our training program is designed to ensure that operators can effectively and safely operate the equipment. From learning about our equipment to training to perform treatments, CellSound University offers a comprehensive educational experience that equips our partners with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. Whether you are a new partner or a seasoned veteran, CellSound University is the perfect resource to help you take your clinical practice to the next level.



The Forms Module provided by CellSound University is a crucial tool for your clinic's administrative needs. We have included templates for Health Intake, Consent, Treatment Records, and Face Diagrams, giving you a one-stop-shop for organizing and streamlining your paperwork. The module enables your clinic to save time and resources, allowing you to focus on your patients' care and treatment. Optimizing patient care has never been easier with the Forms Module of CellSound University.

CellSound University Forms

equipment Training

CellSound University offers a comprehensive Equipment Training Module that provides your clinic with guides on how to use the CellSound machine and its various components. This module offers in-depth video instructions and user manuals that offer valuable insight for  professionals to maximize the equipment in their clinic. This hands-on training will help clinical staff to gain confidence and proficiency in using CellSound effectively, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

CellSound University Equipment Trainng

Treatment training

The Treatment Training Module offered by CellSound University is a valuable resource for clinics looking to master the art of administering CellSound treatments. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, the module provides you with detailed Video Instructions and Treatment Manuals that can help you deliver the best possible treatments to your patients. With this module, you'll have access to a wealth of information that covers everything from the basics of CellSound technology to advanced treatment techniques.

Woman receiving CellSound treatment on face