A Multicenter Evaluation of Chronic Ulcer Recurrence with the Use of Varying Mechanical Wound Healing Modalities


This study evaluates a retrospective analysis of their wound care clinics healing and recurrence rates. The authors evaluate the efficacy of varying physical modalities on preventing recurrence of wounds after their healing. The authors take their evaluation out to one year. Patients were treated for either diabetic or venous lesions. Patients had suffered from an ulceration for a minimum of 2 months prior to healing. The group who used ultrasound at increased intervals throughout the treatment period had significant wound area reduction. Ultrasound was deemed effective in treating chronic neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers. Electrical stimulation therapy affects the electrochemical wound process. Intact skin has a transepithelial potential, with the skin surface having negative chloride ions and the dermis having positive sodium ions. Ulcerations have abnormal potentials which promote wound healing. The potential decreases in chronic wounds, leading to less healing potential. Electrical stimulation reestablishes the currents found in the transepithelial potential and stimulates the healing process. Ultrasound both as Surface Acoustic Waves and when combined with Electric Field Stimulation had the most efficacy.

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