Analyzing the Results of an Entire Population of 10 Clinics, using Bella Contour Device, for Abdominal Circumference Reduction


“Analyzing the results of an entire population of 10 clinics , using our machine, for abdominal circumference reduction”. This multi-case study says that our device demonstrates outstanding results in circumference reduction (cm). The subject is photographed by a Digital CCD Camera provided with the device. Photographs were taken before the first session, during and at the end of the course of treatments with comprehensive tape measurements for each of the 703 patients. If the doctor asks how the photos were taken, refer to Page 2, collection and documentation of the data 2. The study concluded that a clinical success is defined as losing 4 cm or more in at least one of the five reference point’s circumferences, without gaining weight during the entire course of treatments. Out of the 703 individuals, 92.46% of those patients lost 4cm or more after treatments and didn’t gain any weight. You’re expecting to lose 4.41cm in average reduction with 5-7 treatments that are PAIN FREE. Looking at this from a different perspective, that is a whole size in women’s clothing. See page 5 table 2 to see the average reduction increase as you get more treatments.

Publish Date:  
August 10, 2010
Published By:  
Arbell Irit, Ph.D.
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