Combined Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation Prompts an Immediate Response in Stalled Chronic Wounds


This study evaluates a new technology – combined ultrasound and electric field stimulation (CUSEFS) - on the immediate effect on stagnant chronic wounds. Taking 18 patients with chronic wounds that had not responded to therapy in the last month and added CUSEFS to their treatment regimen. Using digital planimetry to evaluate the wounds, they looked at the results after 1 week and two treatments. All wounds responded to therapy. A total of 13 out of 18 showed a reduction in surface area during the week of treatment. Of the five that did not show a response by measured area, there was a positive change in wound volume and quality of tissue in the base. Although this was an open-label study, and the authors recognize the need for an RCT, the results certainly support the statement that CUSEFS has an immediate effect on wound healing in stalled chronic wounds. Continued use of CUSEFS helps to heal these wounds in a much timelier fashion.

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