Evaluation of a device Combining Electro Stimulation and Ultrasound in the Treatment of Non-Healing Chronic Leg Ulcers


This study evaluates the effect of BRH-A2 (a device combining ultrasound and electrostimulation) on healing chronic leg ulcers and the device’s impact on pain, wellbeing and mobility. The objective of the study was to measure the effect of BRH-A2 on healing of chronic static wounds and assess the device’s impact on pain, wellbeing and mobility. The assessment of pain and healing are obvious measures, and the decision was made to include mobility as a measure because it is gaining increased recognition. The BRH-A2 device was applied twice a week during each dressing change for 12 weeks or until the wound healed. Four electrodes were placed around the wound and ultrasound was applied simultaneously with the electrostimulation for 13 minutes. The current applied is interferential, meaning a lower voltage can be used to produce a therapeutic effect. These were challenging static wounds, but all responded to the treatment, with three wounds healed, six reducing in size, and one nearly healed. Results across all of the measured outcomes were generally consistent. The status of the wounds were recorded in the patients’ notes and all of the wounds became wetter than before commencing the BRH. However, there was a visible improvement in the peri-wound skin condition and the scar tissue that was laid down appeared to be of good quality. BRH-A2 consistently presented improvement across the group in pain, mobility, QoL and healing.

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