Saul Goldsztein, MD - Case Study


This Case Report was performed in Israel at Bnai Zion Medical Center in Israel by Dr. Saul Goldsztein. This study consisted of one 73 year old patient that was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 that came in about pain, numbness, and tingling in both hands for a long period of time. He started with Ulnar Nerve Conduction Velocity values of 47.2 m/s for the right, and 41.4 m/s for left. Tinel Sign was positive on both sides and Phalen test was negative. After the 30 treatments, twice a week, 30 minutes each, the patient ended up with normal values of Ulnar Nerve Conduction Velocity. Normal value of nerve conduction velocity is 50-70 m/s. Therefore, resulting in no more pain, numbness, or tingling.

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