The Effect of Combined Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation on Wound Healing in Chronic Ulcerations


This is an abstract study titled The effect of combined ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation on Wound Healing in Chronic Ulcerations done by Doctor Jonathan I. Rosenblum at the Shaarei Zedek Medical center in Israel, and the main goal of this study is to scientifically show that we are able to treat and cure ulcerated bed wounds that are not able to heal themselves. Now doctors as you may know, chronic wounds will not fully heal and they will only reach a certain percentage of healing by themselves. As we know, using non focused ultrasound is able to increase the blood flow to the damaged tissue without causing any more trauma supplying fresh nutrients needed to cause neocollagenesis. What we did to get statistics on this was to put subjects in groups. In the DFU group there were 17 males and 9 females in the VLU group there were 15 males and 21 females there was no difference in the effect of gender on the results. After 16 weeks of treatment we can proudly say that over 50% of the wound that was not healing itself is now healed and multiple times more likely and in a few cases completely healed at the end of the 16 weeks add the amount of studies.

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