The Increasing Effects of the BellaContour Treatment on the Amount of the Fat Used as Metabolic Fuel


This study “The effect of a single treatment with our machine on fat oxidation during exercise” took place in a Tier 1 World Class Hospital in Israel. This study was done by a sports medicine specialist who is a very well known Doctor, Naama W. Constantini out of the Hadassah Optimal Medicine Center. 21 overweight women with a BMI of 25 kg/m^2. This was a blinded randomized study. This study states that the source of energy of the body is measured by the R value. A value of >1.0 is obtained when the body's main source of energy is glucose and carbohydrates, and a value of <0.7 is obtained when the body’s main source of energy is fat. We change the body’s metabolic fuel from glucose and carbohydrates into fat by 52% from pre-treatment. Statistically significant.

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