Setting Up Your CellSound Machine

As a proud owner of a CellSound Aesthetic system, you know that this device is a revolutionary tool when it comes to various treatments. With the help of CellSound instructional videos and manuals, setting up your machine for any treatment has never been easier. These informative materials guide you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you get the best possible treatment outcome. And in case you ever run into any issues, troubleshooting becomes a no-brainer with the help of these manuals. Rest assured that with CellSound's resources, you can tackle any treatment with confidence and ease.

CellSound Face Setup
CellSound Define Setup
CellSound Machine Setup - Lower Body Autonetix
CellSound Aesthetics Handpiece


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Implementation Manual US - v1.1
This manual shows you how to setting up your new CellSound machine in your clinic. It covers topics such as: setting up your treatment room, unpacking the system, testing the system, and support using the system.
Face Transducer Mode B and A - v1.0
The Face transducer does not target fat. It only targets the vessels at a deeper level, stimulating all the vessels and cells to promote circulation, greater nutrient penetration, reduction in inflammation, lymphatic drainage and promote angiogenesis producing healthier, tighter, vibrant and more youthful skin.
Define Transducer Mode B and A - v1.0
The Define transducer is designed to reduce fat volume over areas that require volume reduction between the bottom of the zygomatic arch down to the clavicle.
Autonetix Ai Transducer Mode B and A - v1.0
The Autonetix AI transducer is designed to reduce fat volume, clear vessels, improve cellular function and health in areas treated. It improves wrinkled, sagging, stretched and cellulite areas of the skin.
Trouble Shooting Guide - v1.2
This trouble-shooting manual provides efficient repair and maintenance methods. Once a discrepancy is detected, please follow the subsequent procedure.


Welcome to the CellSound Aesthetic system, the cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the beauty industry. We understand that navigating through a new system can be overwhelming, but worry not, we have you covered. Our thorough videos and manuals provide step-by-step guidance on how to use the application interface effectively. From logging in to downloading data and deleting patient files, our lessons cover everything in between. With our comprehensive resources, you'll be able to maximize the benefits of your CellSound Aesthetic system, making it easier to manage patients and treatments.


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Application Manual US - v2.2
This manual introduces the application interface and describes its usage and contraindications for its use.


As a professional in the aesthetic industry, it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and its effective use. That's why we've created a comprehensive set of videos and manuals for the PhotoFact Center of your CellSound Aesthetic system. From the moment you log in, we'll guide you through all of the critical steps you need to take in a confident, informative manner. Whether you're adding patients or treatment areas, taking photos or downloading data, or even deleting patient files, all the information you need is right at your fingertips. With our videos and manuals, you can easily master the CellSound Aesthetic system, making it a valuable tool that can drive your business growth and success.

CellSound Photo Fact Center Introduction
CellSound Photo Fact Center - Abdomen & Flanks
CellSound Photo Fact Center - Chest
CellSound Photo Fact Center - Lats
CellSound Photo Fact Center - Arms
CellSound Photo Fact Center - Lower Body


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PhotoFact Center - v1.0
This manual covers how to use the PhotoFact Center. The CELLSOUND system is used in a very competitive environment. For that reason, the results are not enough to be achieved but also to be displayed and easily reliably viewed